Mother Mary Leaves America

from by Ben Clark

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Wish I didn't miss you like hell when you're gone
I don't know you well
Least, not as well as I want
Mother Mary leaves America behind for a couple of months

She said
"You drive me so crazy sometimes
The way you speak to impress
Puts me out of my mind"
If that's really the way you feel, then
Dammit, I ain't the marryin' kind

I've been holding devestated ladies so long
I'm not taken
Levitating over me
Like curses in the air

You wouldn't know a thing if you didn't ask
The bomb was busted, and we never heard the blast
And your shipwreck will be gone soon
We're sinking fast
It's a fun twenty-one gun salute
She broke my legs, and she shook me with a juke
There's relief now
You let me know, I'm nothing to you

No I don't know her well
But I do
I know the photos in her room, potential tattoos
Messed up hair do and early morning attitude
And I know just where she'd rather be
With her surf board bands
And her schedule written on her hands
And the white kids drugs
We all do our best to comprehend

She said she felt so outrageous
For wearing me down
Tearing my pages
Writing my letters
Making me better than I've ever been
Oh, I'm better than I've ever been
In a way

So I'm done complaining for awhile
Bitchin' never was my style
But sweet Jesus
She will make you feel so juvenile
Won't somebody around here call the cops?
This young man's heart just stopped
This is a crime scene
Complete with yellow tape and sidewalk chalk
Your love is like a fully loaded magazine
Stick it in quick, and watch it turn into a bloody scene
I'm losing it, but I censor all the agony

So go ahead
And leave America behind for a couple of months
Mother Mary leaves America behind

Go ahead
And leave America behind for a couple of months
And let the door that hits you in the ass
Be the first of many other ones


from Time and Miles Apart, released September 24, 2015
Music and lyrics by Ben Clark
String arrangements by Justin Smith
Nick Rapley on drums
Lorenzo Wolff on bass
Joe Young on mandolin
Justin Smith on violin
Kristine Kruta on cello



all rights reserved


Ben Clark Brooklyn, New York


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