Time and Miles Apart

by Ben Clark

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The interlude audio samples on this record were captured in the field from taxi cabs and public train systems over the last four years in Chicago and NYC by the composer.


released September 24, 2015

Music and Lyrics by Ben Clark
Engineered, mixed and recorded by Nick Rapley
Mastering by Nacor Zuluaga Morelo at Engine Room Audio NYC
String arrangements for "Cold Feet" and "Little Legs" by Kristine Kruta
String arrangements for "Mother Mary Leaves America" by Justin Smith
The band is:
Nick Rapley ; drums
JoeYoung ; Mandolin, keys
Lorenzo Wolff ; bass
Kristine Kruta ; cello
Maggie Gould ; violin
Justin Smith ; violin



all rights reserved


Ben Clark Brooklyn, New York


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Track Name: Gold
Your old boy hates me
Your daddy does too
You don't need a replacement
And I'll keep breathing if I don't have you
But I was just thinking
Soon I'll be gone, and you know
I've never mistaken a heart meant for breaking
But yours is to hold

If I crack you open, I see gold
And I have watched you growing old
So let me grab you by the soul
Live above the hatred that's below

Wake up and its autumn
And you look beautiful
Three months from Chicago
Didn't call you once
But I can't let go
And now you look like a woman
But you laugh like a girl
Sometimes you gotta walk a mile in hell
To find that in this world

'Cause there are friends and there are foes
And there are secrets no one knows
So let me grab you by the soul
Live above the hatred that's below

I've been living with a ghost in my room every night
I'm feeling faces beside me
But just what do I remember?
Everybody was watching me
They were waiting with pointed teeth

Baby you're great and I'm crazy
So say it
You're letting me go

Come back down and show me gold
Let me see that gold
Track Name: Thug
There's a permafrost
Twenty four below
You're here, and you're rolling me out of bed
I'm a southern boy stuck in Illinois
November, I'm putting on a coat again

There's broken hearts all around
He's a thug, I'm a man to be reckoned with
You made a choice and I'm on my own
I'm not mad
But I just keep struggling on

Tell me you'll be good in the times where I never would
You're rolling through my windows like the wind
The secrets all came out
And I'm crazy 'bout you

But baby I know
It's like walking through snow
It's thick and its slow
And you'll never be a friend of mine

And all this time
I've been wondering how you made it out
When I almost died
And you're only more beautiful now
So forget what I said, I was only joking
I was just playing around

Your money's no good with me
And I'm no good with money
But baby
I'd spend a few bucks to get liquored up
And get up to no good with you honey

I made a joke and it made you laugh
And we made a choice
And we chose a path
Then we fell in love
And I broke the trust
And we're here just spilling our blood on the ground

Tell me where you've been
If you ever come near me again
I gave you my best
But you won't even give me your time
The secrets all came out
And I'm crazy 'bout you

We were taking it slow
And I lost all control and you just let me go
You'll never be a friend of mine

There's still a part of me
In love with every part of you
I mean it, I swear
I know you don't care
But I know there's a heart we both share
Maybe you're grieving too

Baby I love you, I have
Track Name: Cold Feet
Call me cold feet
Climbin' up over your fence
We talk children
She ain't one to play pretend
One more coffee with your doorman
Smokes a cigarette by the wheelchair ramp
Twisted way to behave
Goes to show, we ain't never safe

But doing the right thing is leaving the hard way

And I'm leavin' love behind me
Ain't got nobody to care for anymore
I'm leavin' love behind me
And I still feel safe

Funny how that season happened so fast
First that time change
A little snow, 4 pm
Gets dark on your ass
And I've been askin' other people
"How she act? She ask about me?"
She told my friend
She'd made a bad habit of not calling

But doing the right thing is not lookin' your way

Give too much
Love too much
Say too little
Careful fuck, don't mean much
Say you will
Take my hand when I take you dancin'
In midtown where the Mexican band is
Smile when I give you sideways glances
Move like a woman when I pull on your pants
By the belt loop, and I give you my list of demands
And again you hold a man for ransom

Call me cold feet, climbin' up over your fence
Track Name: Mother Mary Leaves America
Wish I didn't miss you like hell when you're gone
I don't know you well
Least, not as well as I want
Mother Mary leaves America behind for a couple of months

She said
"You drive me so crazy sometimes
The way you speak to impress
Puts me out of my mind"
If that's really the way you feel, then
Dammit, I ain't the marryin' kind

I've been holding devestated ladies so long
I'm not taken
Levitating over me
Like curses in the air

You wouldn't know a thing if you didn't ask
The bomb was busted, and we never heard the blast
And your shipwreck will be gone soon
We're sinking fast
It's a fun twenty-one gun salute
She broke my legs, and she shook me with a juke
There's relief now
You let me know, I'm nothing to you

No I don't know her well
But I do
I know the photos in her room, potential tattoos
Messed up hair do and early morning attitude
And I know just where she'd rather be
With her surf board bands
And her schedule written on her hands
And the white kids drugs
We all do our best to comprehend

She said she felt so outrageous
For wearing me down
Tearing my pages
Writing my letters
Making me better than I've ever been
Oh, I'm better than I've ever been
In a way

So I'm done complaining for awhile
Bitchin' never was my style
But sweet Jesus
She will make you feel so juvenile
Won't somebody around here call the cops?
This young man's heart just stopped
This is a crime scene
Complete with yellow tape and sidewalk chalk
Your love is like a fully loaded magazine
Stick it in quick, and watch it turn into a bloody scene
I'm losing it, but I censor all the agony

So go ahead
And leave America behind for a couple of months
Mother Mary leaves America behind

Go ahead
And leave America behind for a couple of months
And let the door that hits you in the ass
Be the first of many other ones
Track Name: Little Legs
Make no mistake
I saw pain on your face
I'm a stranger
At the station
Waiting on something

I'm just so damn difficult, 'cause I'm childish
But we've covered all the holes with the mileage

There's a machine inside of me
You're trying to explain
It's your face I always see
Inside of my mistakes
Your love it beats like tribal drums
Even when you are awake
I can't deny you
And your pretty little legs

For goodness sake
What a memory to break
God I love you
But I don't want to end the night this way

No one here is a fool, little cousin
It was always so cool
And then it wasn't, again

Firework girl, light her on up
It don't take much time anymore to get messed up
So 'fess up
Don't you think you should have
Wrapped your legs a little tighter 'round me?

The room's engulfed in fire
Every time you're next to me
There is smoke inside my mind
You're on my tongue like ecstasy

Just give me a little bit of that love, I need it so badly
I could die
Just give me a little bit of that love, you are my mother
I am like your child